A Trader and His Luck

A Trader and His Luck Story

There was a Merchant who carried goods to distant places and back. Luck smiled at him, and he became rich. Everything he touched turned to gold. His ships reached their destination without a shipwreck. His partners, agents, and suppliers proved to be loyal. His goods were sold at the highest prices. He made more money than he could spend.

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One day one of the Merchant’s friends asked him:

How do you get so much wealth ?

“It’s all thanks to my skill, hard work, and common sense,” he replied proudly. “I knew exactly when and where to invest,” he added.

The Merchant then invested all his money in new ventures. This time he didn’t succeed. It was because of his poor judgment.

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One of his ships was wrecked on the high seas, the other was plundered by the Mice. His goods were not sold due to changing fashion. He lost all the wealth and money he had!

The Merchant’s friend asked him again, “How did you lose all your wealth and money?”

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“It’s because of bad luck!” he answered sadly.

A Trader and His Luck Story Moral

We shouldn’t blame luck for our failures if we don’t thank it for our successes.