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Two Dollars

One Married Couple Came To Visit Their Friends On The Other Side Of The Country. Their Friends Took Them To The Races.

Fascinated By The Sight Of The Horses Racing Across The Racetrack, Husband And Wife Played The Lottery All Evening With Only Two Dollars Left In Their Pockets.

The Next Day, My Husband Said That He Would Go To The Races Alone. In The First Race, He Bet Two Dollars On The Loser, And The Horse Finished First.

He Put All His Winnings Into The Next Race And Won Again. He Was Very Lucky That Day; By Evening, His Winnings Reached Fifty-seven Thousand Dollars.

On The Way Home, He Saw A Gambling House. The Inner Voice, The One That Told Him Today Which Horse He Needs To Put In, Said, “Come In And Play.”

The Man Went Inside And Saw A Tape Measure In Front Of Him. The Voice Said: Number Thirteen.

The Man Put All Fifty-seven Thousand Dollars Into The Number Thirteen. When The Roulette Wheel Stopped, The Dealer Announced: Number Fourteen.

He Returned Home With Empty Pockets. His Wife Asked, Meeting Him At The Door: How Did You Play?

Her Husband Shrugged.

He Said – I Lost Two Dollars.

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