A Trunk Full of Clothes

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A Trunk Full of Clothes Story

Once upon a time, there was a bear named Bartholomew, whom everyone loved in the jungle. Once, when Bartholomew went to the river to fish, he noticed a huge chest. He pushed the lid and after a great effort opened it. “What bright clothes!” he exclaimed.

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“There are caps, trousers, shirts, suits!” Bartholomew quickly took out a shirt, hat, and trousers. When he was ready, he went to the river to see his reflection.

Suddenly, the monkey spotted him and swooped down to find out. Bartholomew showed him a chest full of clothes.

Word soon spread and all the animals gathered around Bartholomew. Everyone wanted to wear something. Soon a scuffle broke out. They grabbed, pulled, pushed, and scratched. “Stop!” shouted Bartholomew.

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All the clothes in the trunk were torn to pieces, and no one had anything to wear. “I can’t help you because you had your chance too,” Bartholomew pointed out and left.