Rich Farmer And The Poor Boy

Rich Farmer And The Poor Boy Story

A Wealthy Farmer Lived On Fertile Land. While Most Of The Villagers Work In Industry, This Farmer Cultivated His Land And Became A Wealthy Man. Thanks To A Rich Harvest, His Family Never Faces Food Shortages During The Winter.

These Were Hard Times For Other Villagers Who Worked In Industry. Because In Winter They Have To Buy Vegetables, Fruits And Other Fruits At High Prices. So, Think About How Winter Feels In A Family Without A Father. It’s About A Poor Boy Who Lived With His Mother.

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On A Dark Snowy Night, A Poor Boy Came To The Farmer’s House And Said To The Farmer: “I Am Not A Beggar. I Will Work For You. I Will Help To Cultivate And Maintain Your Land. My Father Passed Away. My Mother Is Poor. I Am Hungry. We Have Nothing To Eat. Please Give Me Some Food. “

The Farmer’s Wife Took Pity On The Boy. She Told The Farmer. “Don’t Drive This Boy Away.” Farmer Also Agreed With His Wife’s Opinion And Said, “Okay, Boy! Stay With Us. We Will Feed You. “But The Boy Said,“ Forgive Me, Sir! I Cannot Stay Here. Because My Mom Is At Home Alone.

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I’ll Work For You In The Afternoon And Give Me A Chance To Go Home Tonight. ” The Farmer Agreed And The Farmer’s Wife Fed The Boy With Food, And She Did Not Forget To Give Food To Take Him To His Mother.

By Agreement, At Night He Came To The Farm Every Day And Worked For The Farmer. He Was A Very Strong Support For The Farmer. The Farmer And His Wife Were Very Pleased With Him. The Farmer’s Daughter Also Fell In Love With The Boy, And Day After Day It Turns Into Love. However, The Farmer Also Thought To Hand Over The Farm To That Boy After Him. Because His Daughter Cannot Do It Like A Boy.

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Over Time, The Boy’s Mother Also Moved To Live In The Farmhouse At The Invitation Of The Farmer. Now They Are One Family. Exactly One Day, He Will Marries The Daughter Of A Farmer And Become The Owner Of This Large Farm. This Is Not A Gift Of Luck. It’s A Combination Of Hard Work And Luck.