A Valuable Lesson

A Valuable Lesson Story

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Mouse And A Mouse. Their Hole Was In A Wealthy House. So They Have A Lot Of Food Every Day. Every Morning And Every Evening, The Mouse Went To The Kitchen And Brought Food, Which Was Enough For Her And His Mouse.

So They Lived Happily In Their Hole. But The Journey In Search Of Food With The Enemy Is Never Easy. This Is For One Cat Who Lived In This House. But The Mother Mouse Runs Away From The Cat Every Day, Using Her Own Tricks. Let’s See One Last Time.

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One Day, The Mouse Mother Saw A Cheese Pizza That Was Being Baked In The Oven. So He Decided To Eat A Slice Of Pizza With His Child. The Mother Told This Delightful News To Her Little Mouse, And He Decides To Pull Her Child Out Of The Hole.

The Mouse Has Never Been Seen From A Hole In His Life. And He Licked His Lips And Waited For Pizza. However, Mother Mouse Pulled Her Mouse Out Of The Hole.

When They Took The First Step Towards The Exit From The Hole, The Mouse Saw A Dangerous Cat. “Mother, Mother! What Should We Do?” Mouse Exclaimed, Clinging To His Mother’s Tail. Mouse Mom Stopped, Looking Into The Beady Eyes Of The Hungry Cat.

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But She Was Not Scared, Because She Knew Exactly How To Handle The Big Scary Cats. She Opened Her Mouth And Took A Deep Breath.

Woof! Woof! Bark Bark Bark! She Screamed And The Cat Ran Away As Quickly As He Could. “Wow, Mom! It Was Amazing! “The Mouse Said To The Mother, Smiling Happily.

The Mother Replied: “My Child, Why Is It Always Better To Have A Second Language. “So, Knowing A Second Language Will Save Them From A Dangerous Cat. They Then Enjoy Their Cheesy Pizza.

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