Crane And The Snake

Crane And The Snake is a spiritual motivational short story. Crane And The Snake Short story in English. Crane And The Snake is the best short story for kids.

Crane And The Snake Story

A Crane With His Wife Had Just Lived In The Forest Near The River Bank. They Were Very Unhappy.

Every Time The Wife Laid Eggs In Their Nest, They Were Eaten By A Large Black Cobra Living In A Hollow In A Tree.

The Crane Had A Friend A Crab. He Went To His Friend The Crab And Shared His Suffering.

“I Feel So Hopeless… This Creeping Thief Has Eaten Our Eggs Again,” The Crane Complained Angrily.

“Don’t Worry,” The Crab Said Soothingly.

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“You Don’t Have To Be Hopeless When You Have A Friend Like Me. We, Will, Find A Solution. “

The Crab Sat Down And Began To Consider The Plan. Suddenly He Jumped Up And Rushed To The Crane.

“Friend, I Have A Wonderful Plan,” Said The Crab And Whispered Something Into The Crane Machine.

The Crane Flew Back To Its Nest And Told His Wife About The Crab’s Plans. He Was Very Excited.

“Are You Sure This Will Work?” – Asked The Wife.

“I Hope We Are Not Wrong. Think Twice Before Embarking On A Plan. “

But The Crane Really Wanted To Try This Plan. The Crane Flew To The River Bank And Began To Fish.

He Caught A Fish And Went Down To The Hole In Which The Mongoose Lived.

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He Threw The Fish At The Mouth Of The Hole. Then He Took Another Fish And Threw It A Little Further Away From The First. After Repeating This, He Drew A Fish Trail Leading To The Tree On Which His Nest Was Located.

The Mongoose Smelled Fish And Got Out Of The Hole.

“Ah, Fish!” The Mongoose Exclaimed Happily And Quickly Ate It. Then He Followed The Trail Of The Fish.

When He Came To The Tree Where The Cranes And The Snake Lived, The Path Ended.

Finding No More Fish, He Looked Around. …

Suddenly He Came Across A Black Cobra At The Foot Of A Tree.

Seeing A Mongoose, The Cobra Fought For Its Life. Both Fought For A Long Time, And In The End, The Mongoose Killed The Snake.

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The Cranes Watching The Battle From Their Nest Breathed A Sigh Of Relief.

The Next Day, The Mongoose Followed The Same Path, Hoping To Find More Food.

When He Came To The Tree Where The Path Ended, He Decided To Climb The Tree In Search Of Food.

The Cranes, Which Were Far Away By The River, Returned And Found A Mongoose Descending From A Tree.

Looking Into Their Nest, They Found That This Time The Mongoose Had Eaten All Of Their Eggs.

“We Got Rid Of One Enemy In Order To Find Another,” The Crane Said To His Wife.

Crane And The Snake Story Moral

Sometimes In Life While Solving One Problem, We Put Ourselves In Another Problem That Is Why We Need To Think Wisely.