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Stress Story

The Professor Of Psychology Entered The Class With A Glass Of Water In His Hand. Students Expected An Answer To An Old Common Question: “Was It Half Empty Or Half Full?” But, Surprisingly, He Asked Them, “How Heavy Is This Glass Of Water?”

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Students’ Responses Ranged From 7 Ounces. Up To 25 Oz. But The Professor Replied That The Actual Weight Of A Glass Of Water Does Not Always Matter, What Matters Is How Long You Hold The Glass.

If You Hold The Glass For A Minute, You Won’t Feel A Lot Of Weight. But If You Hold Out For 10 Minutes, You Will Feel A Little More Weight, And With The Clock, It Will Become Heavier.

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If You Hold It All Day, Your Hands Become Numb And Sore. The Same Is The Case When You Carry Stress With You. If You Think About It For A While And Leave It, Then No Problem, But If You Think About It For Hours, It Starts To Turn Into A Problem, And It Gets Worse If You Sleep With It.

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Stress Story Moral

You Must Learn To Let Go Of Stress And Never Sleep With It. If You Can Do Something About It, Just Do It. Otherwise, Just Leave It Behind And Work Towards Your Goals, Otherwise It Will Just Kill Your Productivity.