Think Before You Act

Think Before You Act Story

It is well known that crabs and herons have been enemies since time immemorial, but sometimes grief and sudden loss do affect a person’s ability to think wisely.

Thus, the heron fell victim to the crab’s evil trick.

One day a heron stood by the lake with a gloomy face. The crab followed him from afar. So He asked.

“Dear uncle, why do you see that you are very sad and overwhelmed with grief today?”

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“Darling, darling, what can I tell you?” The Heron screamed. “We have been living happily in a nearby tree for many years. All our previous generations grew up on it, but alas, there will be no more herons on this tree.

“Why is that,” Uncle P-s Crab asked.

“That’s because the snake has taken up residence in the hollow of the tree and eats our chicks every time they hatch. I have no way to get rid of the devil.”

“Uncle, I have a medicine for you,” Crab suggested. “The mongoose lives in a hole in a nearby tree. All you have to do is make a trail of fresh fish from the mongoose hole to the snake hole.

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The mongoose will follow the trail, feeding on fish, and when he gets to the snake’s hole, they are sure to fight. The snake will be killed by the mongoose and you will be free from all troubles.”

The heron warmly thanked the crab for his advice and soon set about implementing the plan.

The plan worked, but after killing the snake, the mongoose also ate the heron’s chicks.

Think Before You Act Moral

Think before you do.

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