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Princess Short Story, Princess Short Story In English.

Princess Story

Once upon a time there was a king of Siam. The king had an unusual idea to name his children. When he had two daughters and he named them day and night. When he had two more daughters, he named them Spring, Fall, Winter, and Summer. Soon his wife gave birth to three more daughters. He changed his daughter’s name and kept the name Weeks. After a year, he was blessed with two more daughters and this time all of them were named by “Mois”. The youngest of them was called Princess September. The king used to give gifts to others on his birthday.

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One year, on his birthday, he gave his daughters beautiful green parrots in a beautiful golden cage. One morning Princess September found her parrot lying dead. She burst into a flood of tears and nothing could console her. As she lay on the bed, a little bird came into her room and sang a beautiful song. She sang about lakes, golden fish and willows. He told the princess that he was ready to be with her in place of the dead parrot. She brought the bird to her sisters and showed it to them. The king and queen were happy to hear its sounds.

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Princess September’s sisters were very jealous. They advised him to keep the bird in the cage and keep it there. The bird begged the princess to free herself but the princess cared more about her safety. The bird did not want to sing. The next morning, the princess found the bird lying as if dead. The bird said to the princess, “If I couldn’t fly and sing, I might die!” The princess granted the little bird its freedom. The bird sang every day and she became beautiful.

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