The Clever Rabbit And The Elephant

The Clever Rabbit And The Elephant Short Story, The Clever Rabbit And The Elephant Short Story In English.

The Clever Rabbit And The Elephant Story

a herd of elephants lived in the forest. They ate the leaves of wild trees and drank cool water from a stream that flowed through the forest. One day, a drought struck the area where the forest was located. Many animals fled from the forest to other places where there was no shortage of either water or food.

The elephant chief was worried. His name was Iravat and he took good care of his flock. He sent his brothers to look for water. After a long search, they found a lake at the far end of the forest. They decided to quench their thirst and take a bath in the morning.

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Now every day the herd went to the lake to bathe and drink sweet water from the lake. Along the way, they encountered a colony of rabbits. They ignored the rabbits on the ground. So every day a few rabbits will be injured or crushed to death. As their numbers were getting smaller, the leader of the rabbits called a meeting.

“Dear brothers and sisters,” he addressed his comrades, “we all know how every day we are killed by thoughtless elephants. We have to find a way to save ourselves.”

Mikku was a young and intelligent rabbit. He said, “Sir, don’t worry. Go as your messenger and ask the elephants to change the path they take to the lake.”

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So, with the permission of the leader, Mikku went as a messenger. He noticed an approaching herd of elephants and stood on top of a large high rock to save himself.

As Iravat, the leader of the elephants, approached, he said, “Dear sir, I am Mikku, himself a messenger from the moon. Almighty Moon has sent Mac to you with a private message, so please step aside.”

As Iravat approached, Mikkoo said, “The lake where you bathe and quench your thirst belongs to the moon.” He is very upset because you crushed a lot of rabbits along the way. Because we are His close friends and guides, our sad fate has grieved and angered the Moon. He wants to talk to you alone. If you’re kind enough, I’ll escort you to the Moon Lake for a meeting.”

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Iravat readily agreed to the meeting. When Iravat and Mikkoo reached the lake, the moon was reflected in its still water.

“Let me salute the moon,” said Iravat, and as he dipped his trunk into the lake, the water stirred, and so did the moon’s reflection.

“Oh! Look how the mighty moon is shaking with anger,” said Mikku.

But why is this so? Iravat asked.

“You made him even angrier by touching the holy water of the lake at night,” Svetlana replied.

To this, Iravat said in a mournful voice: “Please ask the Moon to forgive us. We will never come to this lake again and never harm the rabbits that Luna loves so much.

So Iravat left with a promise never to visit Moon Lake, and the rabbits lived safely and happily ever after.

The Clever Rabbit And The Elephant Moral

A lie that has saved many lives is worth a thousand truths.