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Encouragement Story

Two Men Became Seriously Ill. They Lived In The Same Room In The Hospital. One Of Them Was Lying On A Bed By The Only Window In His Room.

Every Day He Was Allowed To Sit In Bed To Help Drain Fluid From His Lungs. Another Man Was Forced To Lie On His Back All Days.

They Talked A Lot About Their Life, Family, Work, and Leisure. Every Time The First Person Sat By The Window, He Described In Detail Everything That He Saw Outside The Window. His Roommate Was Always Looking For Those Moments When His World Was Expanding And Illuminated By The Outside World.

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Amazing Views Of The Park With A Beautiful Lake Opened From Your Room Window. Children Played Merrily Among The Ducks And Swans. Couples Walked Hand In Hand Among The Bright Colors. The Stunning Cityscape Could Also Be Seen.

When The Man At The Window Described In Detail Everything That Happened Outside The Window, His Roommate Closed His Eyes And Imagined All The Beautiful Scenes From Life That Were Told To Him.

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One Night, The Man Whose Bed Was By The Window Died Peacefully In His Sleep, And His Roommate Became Very Sad. After A While, When The Nurse Came To Him, He Asked If He Could Be Carried To The Window. The Nurse Agreed And Kindly Switched Over.

When She Left, The Man Slowly And Painfully Raised Himself On His Elbow And Looked At The World Around Him For The First Time. He Was Stunned.

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The Window Overlooked A Blank Wall. The Next Time The Nurse Came To Him, He Told Her About The Wonderful Things Outside The Window That His Roommate Had Described. The Nurse Replied That His Roommate Was Blind. She Said, “He Was Probably Just Trying To Cheer You Up.”