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Temper Story

There Was A Boy A Long Time Ago. He Was Smart, Talented, And Handsome. However, He Was Very Selfish, And His Hot Temper Was So Difficult That No One Wanted To Be Friends With Him. Often He Got Angry And Said Various Unpleasant Things To Others.

The Boy’s Parents Are Very Worried About His Bad Mood. They Thought about What They Could Do, And One Day My Father Had An Idea. He Called His Son And Gave Him A Hammer And A Bag Of Nails.

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The Father Said, “Every Time You Get Angry, Take A Nail And Drive-In This Old Fence With All Your Might.”

The Fence Was Very Strong And The Hammer Was Heavy, But The Boy Was So Furious That On The First Day He Hammered 37 Nails. Day After Day, Week After Week, The Number Of Nails Gradually Decreased.

After Some Time, The Boy Began To Understand That It Was Easier To Hold Back Than Driving Nails Into The Fence.

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One Day, The Boy No Longer Needed A Hammer And Nails, As He Learned To Control Himself Perfectly. So He Went To His Father And Talked About His Achievements. “Now, Every Time You Hold Back All Day, Pull Out One Nail.”

It Took A Long Time. Finally, The Boy Was Able To Be Proud Of Himself, Because All His Nails Were Down. When He Approached His Father And Told him About It, He Suggested That They Come Up And Look At The Fence.

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“You Did A Good Job, My Son, But Pay Attention To The Nail Holes. The Fence Will Never Be The Same. The Same Thing Happens When You Say Hurtful Things To People Because Your Words Leave Scars In Their Hearts Like Holes In A Fence.

Remember, We Must Treat Everyone With Love And Respect, Because Even Though You Apologize, The Scars Will Not Go Anywhere.