The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad

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The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad Short Story, The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad Short Story In English. The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad Short Story In Hindi.

The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad Story

Once upon a time, by chance, Sinbad the porter met Sinbad the sailor. Since their meeting with Sinbad, the porter had been invited to listen to the sailor Sinbad’s journey. On the seventh day, Sinbad the Sailor began the tale of his last voyage. “The trip had benefited me enormously. But all the wealth in the world could not stay away from the sea. I again left with like-minded people, looking for a good exchange. We soon stopped at Madinat-al-Sin. There, all of us merchants made a big profit. Shortly after leaving the island, we were hit by a strong wind. It started to rain too. We were soaked in water and our cargo too. We all prayed to Allah and asked him to save our lives. When the storm passed, we all sighed in relief. But the relief did not last long. The captain was up on the mast and screaming. He told us that the wind had blown us to the farthest corner of the world. And he was sure that we would die here. He took out a book and explained that the sea was called “The King’s Sea”. Also, that Solomon, the son of David was buried under the waves. The captain also told us about the huge snakes that lived below.

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We were told that the snakes could eat the ship all at once. Hardly had the captain finished when we heard a great thunder. Soon, a huge fish poked its head out. Then came another and then the third. The three of them started to surround us. The third and largest opened its mouth to swallow us. The fish’s mouth was as huge as a city gate! All the men started crying out to Allah for help. At this time, a strong wind blew and slid our ship towards a reef. The ship broke immediately and we were thrown into the water. I managed to hang onto a plank. At that time, I started to complain. I screamed at myself because I was too greedy and now I was stuck here, and I could die. After a while, I came to my senses and promised myself never to travel again. Neither on the real sea nor in my dreams. For two days, I continued like that on a board. Finally, I arrived on an island. There I ate fruit and found a river of fresh water. Like so many times before tying logs and making a raft. I put it on the creek. I took nothing with me and I got weaker the following days. One day I walked through a valley. And suddenly, a great forward fall caught my eye. I thought I would be thrown and smashed to pieces! I started praying to Allah to save me from this. In my desperation, I did not notice that a fisherman had cast his net.He dragged me to the bank just before I reached the waterfall. I found out that a lot of people had come down from a nearby town. I was invited by an elderly man, who was richly dressed, to stay with him in his mansion.

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Once at his mansion, I was well fed. In the evening I went to my room. I was told I could ask the servant to bring anything I needed to the room. So, for the next three days, I ate and drank well restoring my mind and body. Then, on the fourth day, the host came to me and asked if I wanted to sell my wares at the market. I told the man that I had lost my belongings. At the market, I found that the servants had brought my raft. A man agreed to pay one hundred pieces of silver. But the host offered me one hundred and fifty and urged me to accept his offer. So I did. When we returned, he told me that in his entire life he had never met a man who had survived more than three shipwrecks. He asked me to marry his daughter. At first I didn’t answer, but he kept insisting and I agreed. Soon I got married and lived happily ever after when my wife’s father passed away and I became the head of the family. Soon I discovered a secret. Everyone in this town changed into a bird once a month. So I asked a friend of mine to take me whenever he turns into a bird. At first he was unwilling to do so, but he agreed. When I was in heaven with him, I was amazed. I had always wanted to know what it felt like to fly. I praised Allah and thanked him. And the moment I did, a great fire shot up from the sky.

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All the birds dispersed and my carrier dropped me off on top of a mountain. There I met two young men carrying golden rods. I greeted them and asked them who they were. They told me they were servants of God. I was handed a golden wand and then we walked. We passed a man. He cried out to Allah for help. The moment he asked for God’s help, a huge snake came out of nowhere and almost swallowed him. I quickly ran to help the man. By beating the snake on the head with the golden rod, I freed the man. Then we kept walking, soon after we found the birdmen and one of them agreed to take me home. When I returned, my wife was extremely happy. She told me to beware of birdmen. Also that they were related to the devil and disliked the mention of Allah. I no longer wanted to stay there. So, I sold all my possessions for a nice sum of money and came back. When my friends and family found out, they were overjoyed. They wondered that I had stayed away for twenty-seven years. But I told them and I promised Allah that after this seventh journey, I will not undertake any further journeys. I thanked God for bringing me home,” said sailor Sinbad. Sinbad the Sailor told Sinbad the Gatekeeper of his hardships and how he acquired his wealth. Sinbad the Conduit apologized for believing that all rich men had an easy life. After that, the two Sinbad remained friends.