Greedy Lion

Greedy Lion Story

It Was An Incredibly Hot Day And The Lion Was Very Hungry. He Climbed Out Of The Den And Looked Back And Forth, But Found Only A Hare.

He Caught The Hare, But Not Without Hesitation, For He Knew That The Hare Had Not Fed Him.

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When Leo Was About To Kill A Hare, He Noticed A Deer Approaching Him And Thought, “Instead Of Eating This Hare, Let Me Eat This Big Deer.”

He Released A Hare And Chased A Deer, But He Disappeared Into The Forest. The Lion Now Had Nothing To Eat, Because The Hare Had Left Too Long Ago.

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Greedy Lion Story Moral

So In Life Never Be Too Greedy Like The Foolish Lion. There Is A Famous Quotes On This

A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush.