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Anger Story

Long Ago The Great Zen Master Banke Was Famous For His Speeches, People Of All Religions And Ranks Came To Listen To Him Because He Spoke From The Heart. The Banquet Was Highly Respected, And His Sermon Was Gripped By The General Anger Of The Banquet’s Popularity Whose Followers Went To Listen To The Banquet.

The Priest Wondered What Exactly Made The Bankei Gain So Many Supporters, Especially When The Bankei Did Not Even Quote Any Scientific Instructions, The More The Priest Thought About It, The More It Infuriated Him, Vowing To Finally Put An End To This Issue In During The Discussion, The Priest Burst Into The Temple, Where The Bankers Were Giving A Lecture.

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Upon Reaching The Temple, The Priest Called The Monkey, Hey Zen Master, You Think You Hold These People Because They Come To Listen To You, They Obey You Because They Respect You, He Said, But I Don’t Respect Me.

You Can Make Me Obey For You I Am Here, Next To Me, A Proud Priest Made His Way Through The Crowd To The Place Of The Feast, Come To My Left So That I Can See You Better, The Monkey Told The Priest To Come Up To The Left Side Of The Banquet, No, This Is Not Good, The Declared Bank Would Be Better.

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If You Were On My Right The Priest Once Again Made His Way To The Right Bank The Zen Master Smiled And Said That You See What You Are Doing As I Say Now, Which Makes Me Believe That You Are A Good-natured And Benevolent Person, The Priest Was Ashamed Of His Outrageous Behavior, He Sat Down To Listen To The Conversation At The Bank.

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Anger Story Moral

In Life, Do Not Let Your Anger Take You A Step Back, Your Rage Will Lead You Nowhere, You Will Only Be Ashamed Of Your Rage Later Looking At The Stars, But Remain Humble, Maybe Even A Fool Will Teach You One Or Two Things.