Selfish Desire

Selfish Desire Story

Once There Was A King Who Had A Very Wise Adviser Who Understood The Speech Of Animals. He Understood What They Said, And Also Could Speak With Them In Their Tongues.

Once The Adviser Wandered Along The River With His Followers. They Came Across A Fisherman Who Threw A Large Net Into The River. At The Same Time, They Looked Into The Water And Noticed That A Large Beautiful Fish Was Chasing His Sweet Wife.

Her Tough Scales Reflected Morning Sunlight In All Colors Of The Rainbow. Her Feathers, Like Fins, Fluttered Like The Delicate Wings Of A Fairy When They Saw Her To Glide Through The Water.

It Was Clear That Her Husband Was So Fascinated By The Way She Looked And The Way She Moved That He Paid No Attention To Anything Else When They Approached The Net, The Wife Fish Smell The Trap. Then She Saw It And, Being On Her Guard, Escaped This At The Very Last Moment.

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But Her Husband Was So Blinded By His Desire For Her That He Couldn’t Turn Away Quickly Enough, Instead, He Swam Right Into The Net And Fell Into The Trap. The Fisherman Pulled Out Their Net And Threw The Large Fish Into The Ashore. They Lit A Fire And Ready There Skewer To Fry The Fish.

Lying On The Ground, The Fish Flopped And Moaned In Agony. Since The Wise Adviser Understood The Conversation With The Fish, Which He Translated For Others, He Said — “This Poor Fish Insanely Repeats And Again That — “I Have To Be With My Wife, I Care About Her Much More Than Mine A Life. I Have To Be. With My Wife, I Care About Her Much More Than About My Life.”

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The Adviser Thought This Fish Was Crazy.

He Is In This Terrible State Because He Has Become A Slave To His Own Desires, And It’s Clear That He Didn’t Learn Anything From His Mistake Yet. If He Dies, Preserving In Such Agony, And The Desire That Caused Him In His Mind, He Will Undoubtedly Continue To Suffer, Having Been Reborn In Some Kind Of Hell World, So I Must Save Him.

So, This Kind Man Went To The Fishermen And Said That All The Faithful Subjects Of My Friend Of The King — You Never Gave Me And My Followers Fish For Our Curry — Would You Give Them To Us Today.

The Fisherman Said — “Oh Royal Minister, Please Accept Any Fish You Want From Us.” “This Big One On The Riverbank Looks Amazing” — Said The Adviser.

“Please Take It, Sir,” They Said.

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The Adviser Sat Down On The Riverbank And Picked Up A Fish, Which Was Still Moaning. He Spoke This Language To Him — “You The Stupid Fish, If I Had Not Seen You Today, They Would Have Killed You.”

Your Blind Desire Encourages You To Continue To Suffer From Now On. Do Not Allow Yourself To Be Trapped In Your Own Desires Again.

Now The Fish Understood How Lucky He Was To Find Such A Kind Friend, And He Thanked Him For His Wise Advice. The Minister Released The Happy Fish Back Into The River And Continued On His Way.

Selfish Desire Story Moral

In Life, Only Fools Fall Into The Trap Of Their Own Desires, If You Are Really Honest With Yourself, Nothing Or No One Can Deceive You, Even You Yourself.

So Think About What You Pursue, And Why You Pursue It, And Never Let Your Desires To Fool You, And Always Learn From Your Mistakes.