The Man Who Fooled The King

The Man Who Fooled The King Story

once a man lived in the country. One day he went to the king’s palace. He said, “I can teach animals to speak wisely like humans.”

The king was very surprised and asked, “Can you teach my horse to speak like a human being?”

The man thought for a minute and said, “Yes, I can! But it will take me ten years to do that.”

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The King gave him a large tuition fee and sent a Horse with him.

The courtier met the Man when he was leaving the palace with the Horse. He said, “You can’t teach a horse to talk like people. If you fail to train him, the king will immediately kill you.

The sage smiled and said, “The king gave me enough money to live in luxury for the rest of my life.”

my life. And Death cannot be controlled by anyone. No one can guarantee whether I, the King or the Horse will live the next ten years. So, I want to feel comfortable while I’m alive!”

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The courtier was shocked and told the king about this Man’s plan. The king punished the man.

The Man Who Fooled The King Story Moral

Too much cunning can lead to recklessness.

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