Rich Friend & Poor Friend

Rich Friend & Poor Friend Video Story

Rich Friend & Poor Friend Video Story

Rich Friend & Poor Friend Story

Long Long A Go, There Are Two Friends One Is Rich And The Other One Is Poor. One Day The Poor Friend Came To Visit His Rich Friend. Late In The Night Both The Friends Ate, Drank, And Talked Then They Went To Sleep.

The Poor Man Fell Into A Deep Sleep Right After He Went To The Bed.
In The Middle Of The Night, A Messenger Came To The Rich Friend & Inform Him That He Must Go Immediately To A Distant Land Far Away.

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Before The Rich Friend Left He Wanted To Do Something For His Poor Friend, To Show How Much He Cared For His Poor Friend And Their Friendship But The Rich Friend Didn’t Want To Wake Up His Poor Friend From Such A Deep Sleep. So The Rich Friend Stitched A Beautiful Colored Gem Inside The Pocket Of His Poor Friend’s Robe.

The Jewel Has The Power To Satisfy All Of One’s Desires. In The Next Morning When The Poor Man Woke Up He Finds Himself Alone In His Rich Friends House & Totally Unaware Of Anything That Had To Happen While He Was Sleeping. The Poor Friend Traveled From Place To Place Looking For Work All The While He Was Completely Unaware That He Possessed A Priceless Gem In The Pocket Of His Robe.

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Now A Longtime Passed. One Day By Chance The Rich Friend Came To The Poor Friend In The Street By Seeing His Poor Friend’s Impoverished Condition. The Rich Friend Asked Him Why Have You Allowed Yourself To Become So Poor? You Could Use The Jewel That I Gave You To Live A Luxurious Life. You Must Have It Yet.

You Are Living So Inadequately. Why Don’t You Use The Gem To Fulfill All Your Requirements? After Listening To Bewildered The Poor Man Found The Gem Inside Of His Robe.

Now The Poor Friend Ashamed Of His Ignorance Yet Overcome With Joy. He Realized For The First Time The Depth Of His Friends Compassion From Then On The Poor Man Was Able To Live His Life Comfortably And Happily.

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Rich Friend & Poor Friend Story Moral

In Your Life, You Are The Poor Friend & Your Mind Is The Rich Friend Your Mind Gave You This Present Of Your Imagination, With This, You Can Make Anything That Becomes Real. All The Wish You Have You Can Achieve Just With Your Belief In Your Imagination.

If You Don’t Use It Now Or Just Ignore It Then One Day You Will Understand That You Had This Precious Jewel Inside Of You All The Time, You Just Didn’t Use It.

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