Story Of Two Best Friends

Story Of Two Best Friends

This Is A Story Of Two Best Friends Who Are Travel In A Desert Due To Some Reason How They Fight And How One Of Them Is Managed It Properly And Gives As A Lesson Which We Should Remember.

Two Friends Were Walking Through The Desert At One Stage In Their Journey, They Had An Argument And One Friend Was Slapped With The Other One In The Face.

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The One Who Got Slapped Was Hurt But Without Saying Anything He Wrote In The Sand – “Today My Best Friend Slapped Me In The Face.” They Kept Moving Until They Found An Oasis Where They Decided To Have A Wash. The One Who Had Beans Left Got Stuck In A Mire And Started Drowning But His Friend Saved Him.

After He Had Recovered From His Shock, He Wrote On A Stone – “Today My Best Friend Saved My Life.” The Friend Who Slept And Saved His Best Friend Asked Him – “After I Hurt You He Wrote In The Sand And Now You Write In Stone Why ?”

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The Other Friend Replied – “When Someone Hurts Us We Should Write It Down In Sand Where Winds Of Forgiveness Can Raise It Away But When Someone Does Something Good For Us We Must Engrave It In Stone Where No Wind Can Ever Erase It.”

Story Of Two Best Friends Moral

You Should Value Those Who You Have In Your Life More Than The Things Or Your Pride That You Don’t Have In Your Life. Cherish Your Friendships And Take Care Of Them.

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