The Five Wild Dogs

The Five Wild Dogs Story

There was a river in the forest. Once it rained so hard that the water in the river rose above the bank. Soon there was a flood in this part of the forest.

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All animal houses were underwater. Then the Five Wild Dogs saved many animals from drowning.

Soon the rains stopped and the water level in the river dropped again.

The Lion King of the Forest was very pleased with the Five Wild Dogs. He called all the forest animals to a meeting and said: “These are brave and kind dogs.

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They will eat with me in my den for a week. You should all respect them too.

All the animals clapped their hands. Then, all of a sudden, the Rabbit said to Leo, “Your Majesty, these Five Wild Dogs are neither brave nor kind.

I heard them talking to each other this morning. They said they saved

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animals so they can eat them later. “

The lion is very angry with the Five Wild Dogs

and shouted: “Get out of my forest, selfish!”

The Five Wild Dogs Moral

Good deeds done out of selfish motives are not worthy of praise.