The Wild Doves

The Wild Doves Story

One day the tarantula went to the forest to catch wild pigeons. He took some of his tame pigeons and tied them to his net. Then he spread the net and hid behind a tree.

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Soon wild pigeons arrived in this area. They saw their tame relatives happily sitting among the ropes of the net. The tamed pigeons didn’t look like they were in danger! So, the wild pigeons flew up to the place where the tame pigeons were sitting.

Suddenly, the knots tightened around their delicate legs. Wild pigeons are trapped. They were very scared and tried their best to escape. However, Birdcatcher ran out of his hiding place.

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The birder easily caught the wild pigeons.

The wild pigeons said angrily to the tamed pigeons, “Why didn’t you warn us? Why did you let us get
caught? We are your relatives. Don’t you care about us? “

The tamed pigeons replied: “We wanted to make
our host is satisfied. This is more important for us than to please our loved ones! “

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The Wild Doves Moral

Good servants are always loyal to their master.