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A Goose That Lays Golden Eggs

A Long Time Ago, A Farmer Had A Goose That Carried One Golden Egg Every Day. The Egg Gave The Farmer And His Wife Enough Money To Meet Their Daily Needs. The Farmer And His Wife Continued To Rejoice For A Long Time.

But One Day The Farmer Thought, “Why Should We Only Take One Egg A Day? Why Can’t We Take Them All At Once And Make A Lot Of Money?

“The Farmer Told His Wife About His Idea, And She Foolishly Agreed.

Then, The Next Day, As The Goose Laid Its Golden Egg, The Farmer Quickly Took A Sharp Knife. He Killed A Goose And Cut Open Its Belly In The Hope Of Finding All Of Its Golden Eggs. But When He Opened His Stomach, The Only Thing He Found Was Intestines And Blood.

The Farmer Quickly Realized His Stupid Mistake And Began To Mourn The Lost Resources. As The Days Passed, The Farmer And His Wife Grew Poorer And Poorer. How They Jinxed And How Stupid They Were.

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