A Girl Who Married a Snake

A Girl Who Married a Snake Story

In the village of Rapi lived Brah and his wife. They were childless and very unhappy about it. One day the wife called out to Brach: “All our neighbors have children, and I also want to have a child. Please pray to the gods to bless us with a child.” Their prayers were soon answered. Braha’s wife gave birth to a child. Alas, the child was not an ordinary child.

It was a snake! “Oh my God, it’s not human!” one of the relatives shouted when she came to visit the baby. “You cannot raise a snake as your son. Get rid of it immediately. This is a bad sign.” “One day it will bite you to death,” warned another relative. But Braha’s wife was not ready to listen to any of them. “I can’t part with my son. So what if he’s a snake?” She took care of her son and gave him all the best. Years passed and the snake grew to its full size.

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Now Braha’s wife said to her husband, “It’s time for us to think about the marriage of our son.” “Which girl will marry our son?” Brach asked in shock. “Only a madman would agree to marry his daughter to a snake.” Braha’s wife was very sad. She loved her son very much and mourned his fate. Seeing the condition of his wife, Brah decided to go in search of a bride for his son. He decided to go to the city where his best friend lived.

“What made you move so far away from your village?” his friend asked. “Well, my friend, I am looking for a bride for any son,” Brach replied. You don’t need to look any further, his friend said. You can marry your son to my daughter. Before you decide, you must come to me and meet my son,” Brach insisted. “My friend, we know each other so well. I don’t see the need to see your son. He arranged the marriage of his daughter with the serpent.

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The girl’s friends were shocked. “How can you marry a snake?” they asked. “Your life will be destroyed.” “I will honor my father’s words,” she told her friends. “I believe that everything happens for the good.” They soon got married. She was a devoted wife and kept a snake in a beautifully decorated pot. She showed him due respect and gave him milk and fruit every day.

One night, the girl woke up abruptly. She saw a handsome young man in the room. She was frightened and screamed: “Help! Help! There is someone in the room!” She was about to run out of the room, but the man stopped her, saying, “Don’t be afraid. I am your husband.” The wife asked, “How could I trust you?” To convince her, the man again entered the skin of the snake and again came out of it.

The wife, seeing this, was delighted. Her joy knew no bounds. Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks, and she embraced him. Brach, who had risen very early that morning, heard the whole conversation. He saw how the snake turned into a handsome man, and immediately realized that it was his son. Without wasting a minute, he rushed into the room, picked up the snakeskin, and burned it in the fire.

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Seeing his father, the young man said: “Thank you “, father! This immense and unconditional love freed me from the curse. I was forced to remain a snake until someone destroyed the snakeskin without asking me.”

Later that day, Brach introduced his son to the whole village. A handsome young man and his beautiful bride lived happily ever after Brah was happy for his devoted daughter-in-law.

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