The Dolphins and The Whales Fight

The Dolphins and The Whales Fight Story

Dolphins, whales and many other small colorful fish lived in the sea.

Once the whales harmed the fish, which were friends of the dolphins. The dolphins got angry and started fighting with the whales.

All the dolphins have gathered to fight the huge whales. The whales said they were big and strong. The dolphins said they were superior to the whales. It seemed like the fight would never end.

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When the fight became very serious, the sprat raised its head from the sea and said, “I will resolve this issue. I can only stop the fight if you all accept me as your king.”

One of the dolphins was very wise. He realized that Sprat had taken advantage of the fight between whales and dolphins.

He replied: “We may perish in quarreling with each other, but we will not allow anyone to interfere in our cause.”

The idea of ​​a sprat to command the fish failed. He realized that dolphins are very wise. They knew that third-party interference would be harmful to everyone.

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The Dolphins and The Whales Fight Moral

Never involve outsiders in your internal affairs.

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