The Hospitality of The Pigeon

The Hospitality of The Pigeon Short Story, The Hospitality of The Pigeon Short Story In English. The Hospitality of The Pigeon Short Story In Hindi.

The Hospitality of The Pigeon Story

There were two doves. They were husband and wife. They spend all day looking for food. In the evening, they came to rest on their favorite tree in the forest. One evening, the woman came home early. Usually she was waiting for her husband, when suddenly it started to rain. She started to worry. “Where are you my dear? You are never so late,” she whispered to herself. And then she saw that the bird catcher was approaching her. He had a dove in his cage . It was her husband.

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“Oh no, what do I do now? I want to help my husband,” she said. She desperately tried to distract the birdcatcher by flapping her wings, but to no avail. Soon the rain stopped. “Brr! It’s so cold, said the ornithologist. His clothes were wet. He decided to sit under the same tree where the two doves lived. The poor woman was sitting by her husband’s cage, And she started crying. The husband said, “Don’t be sad, honey. Now we have a guest. This man is shaking and hungry. He needs your help. Hearing this, the woman flew off to pick up dry branches. She lit a fire for the ornithologist.

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Then she looked at the bird catcher and said: Offer, I’m going to jump into this fire. In a few minutes, I’ll be an edible item for you. You can eat me. At that time, the ornithologist was overwhelmed by the hospitality of a modest pair of pigeons. He immediately stopped his wife from jumping into the fire. He opened the cage and freed the husband. “I was cruel and selfish. I will never catch a bird in my net again,” the bird catcher said and left. The two doves were happy to be reunited.

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