The Wise Old Owl

The Wise Old Owl Story

An Old Owl Lived On An Oak Tree. Every Day He Saw Incidents Happening Around Him. Yesterday He Saw A Boy Helping An Old Man Carry A Heavy Basket.

Today He Saw The Girl Screaming At Her Mother. The More He Saw, The Less He Spoke.

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The Less He Spoke, The More He Heard. He Heard People Talk And Tell Stories. He Heard The Woman Say That The Elephant Had Jumped Over The Fence.

He Also Heard One Person Say That He Was Never Wrong.

The Old Owl Saw And Heard About What Happened To The People. Some Got Better, Some Got Worse. But The Old Owl Grew Wiser Every Day.

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The Wise Old Owl Moral

You Have To Be Observant, Talk Less, But Listen More. It Will Make You A Wise Person.