Dog and The Cows

Dog and The Cows Story

The Cows Ate Hay From The Manger. One Day A Herd Of Cows Came To The Manger To Eat Hay. They Saw A Dog Lying In The Hay In The Hay.

One Of The Cows Begged: โ€œPlease Get Up! We’re Hungry. We Need To Eat Hay. “The Dog Didn’t Notice It.

Another Cow Begged, “Please Give Us Some Hay.” The Dog Growled And The Cow Retreated.

A Wise Cow Ran Up To The Bull And Told Him About It.

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A Bull Came Up And Asked: โ€œCome Out, Please! Give Them Something To Eat. โ€œThere Was No Answer.

The Bull Got Angry. He Shouted Loudly And Stamped His Feet. The Dog Got Scared And Ran To Save His Life.

Dog and The Cows Moral

It’s Bad To Be A Dog In The Manger.

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