A Wise Counting

A Wise Counting Story

Emperor Akbar Made Riddles To The Courtiers. He Often Asked Strange And Witty Questions. It Took A Lot Of Wisdom To Answer These Questions.

One Day He Asked A Very Strange Question. His Question Confused The Courtiers.

Akbar Glanced At His Courtiers. As He Watched, One Head After Another Began To Sink Low In Search Of An Answer. At That Moment Birbal Entered The Courtyard.

Birbal, Who Knew The Nature Of The Emperor, Quickly Understood The Situation And Asked, “May I Ask A Question To Try To Find An Answer.”

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Akbar Said, “How Many Crows Are There In This City?”

Without The Slightest Hesitation, Birbal Replied, “There Are Fifty Thousand Five Hundred And Eighty-nine Crows Here, My Lord.”

“How Can You Be So Sure?” Akbar Asked.

Birbal Said: “Make You Count, My Lord. If You See More Crows, Then Some Have Come To Visit Their Relatives.

If You Find Fewer Crows, Then Some Have Gone To Visit Their Relatives Elsewhere. “

Akbar Was Very Pleased With Birbal’s Wit.

A Wise Counting Moral

A Witty Answer Will Serve Your Cause.

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