Kangaroos Get a Pouch

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Kangaroos Get a Pouch Story

Long ago, in the high grasslands of Australia, there lived a mother kangaroo with her son, Joey. One day, Mama Kangaroo was worried that Joey had been missing for a long time. She jumped into the tall bushes to look and came across an old wombat.

“Oh! Who is it who can’t leave the old blind wombat alone?” boomed the wombat. Mom apologized and told him she was in a hurry. The wombat pleaded, “Please help me, I’m hungry.” Mom told the wombat to hold her tail, and she will take him to the green pastures.

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Mama Kangaroo jumped with the old wombat behind and stopped where she saw green grass for the wombat to chew on.

The old wombat then asked, “Please, could you take me to the river? I’m thirsty.” ” Mom, although worried about her son, helped again. When she went to the river, she saw little Joey sleeping on the river bank.

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She jumped up to pick up the child and kissed him. The wombat turned into an angel and said to mother Kangaroo: “Mom, you are the kindest of all animals. I asked others as well, but no one stopped.”

The angel asked Mother Kangaroo to tie tree bark around her belly. When she did, it turned into a pouch! Mom was delighted and put her Joey in the bag. From this day on, all kangaroos have bags.

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