The Lion and The Mouse

The Lion and The Mouse Story

It Was A Hot Summer Day. The Sun Was Shining Brightly In The Sky. The Lion Sat Down Under The Shade Of A Large Tree And After A While He Fell Asleep.

Next To This Tree Was A Hole In Which A Mouse Lived. When The Lion Was Sleeping, The Mouse Came Out Of The Hole And Saw Him Sleeping.

Unaware Of The Power Of Lions, An Idea Tickled Him. He Thought About Waking The Lion By Running Around His Body Just For Fun.

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Unfortunately, The Lion Grabbed Him With His Strong Paw. He Was About To Kill Him When The Mouse Begged –

“Have Mercy On Me, Sir !”

“Someday I Will Repay Your Grace.”

The Lion Was Surprised To Hear His Words, And With A Smile & Let Him Go, Thinking How Such A Small Mouse Could Help Me In Something.

But The Day Came When The Lion Got Into Trouble. He Was Caught In A Hunting Net Under That Very Tree. As A Result, He Began To Growl Loudly.

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Hearing His Roar, The Mouse Climbed Out Of The Hole.

The Mouse Said – “It’s Time To Repay The Lion’s Favor.”

So He Immediately Bit The Ropes Of The Net And Freed The Lion.

The Lion and The Mouse Moral

Remember, Mercy Is Never Goes Unrewarded. It Will Comes To You At Right Time.

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