The Trickster Monkey

The Trickster Monkey Story

Once upon a time, there was a very mischievous monkey named Mogri, who loved to play tricks on other animals. He threw rotten fruit at other animals and laughed at their discomfort. Lion Samba did not find Moghri’s antics amusing.

It was insulting to the king of the jungle when rotten fruit was thrown at him. He warned Moghri, “Wait! I’ll teach you a lesson soon.” But Moghri was too fast and managed to slip away every time.

One day, Moghri dropped an overripe mango in Samba’s nose. But unfortunately, the branch on which he was sitting broke, and he fell right on the lion’s back. Samba roared in anger and spun from side to side to shake off Moghri.

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But the monkey firmly clung to the back of the lion. Samba rushed through the forest, but Moghri, though frightened, remained on his back.

Finally tired, Samba bent down to drink water from the pond. Moghri took this opportunity to make his escape. Since then, Moghri has been too scared to play a prank on Samba.

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