The Girl And The Spider

The Girl And The Spider Story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Amelia.

One day, Amelia was climbing the stairs to the attic to play with her toys. Alas! Her dress, made of muslin fabric, was torn by a sharp nail. When Amelia saw the torn edge of her favorite dress, she became very sad.

She cried for a long time. Hearing her sobbing, a spider came out, busy spinning its web. He asked, “What makes this beautiful girl sad?”

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Amelia looked at him and sobbed. She said, “My beautiful dress is torn. I’m very sad.”

The spider smiled and said, “Look at me! I work so hard weaving my web. I need hours and hours to create my house and just a second to destroy it. I built my house just yesterday. It was burned by your maid this morning.

I was also very sad. Then I thought that instead of being sad, I should start weaving my house again. So don’t cry now. Instead, fix your dress. That way, your precious tears won’t be wasted.”

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The Girl And The Spider Moral

Don’t waste time thinking about what’s lost.

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