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The Wolf And The Crane

Once A Wolf Killed A Lamb And Began To Eat It.

Suddenly A Piece Of Bone Was Stuck In My Throat. He Screamed In Pain And Called For Help. The Crane Came. The Wolf Lured The Crane With The Fact That It Will Bring Many Rewards.

The Greedy Crane Immediately Agreed And Removed A Piece Of Bone With Its Long Nose. The Wolf Got Rid Of The Pain. Then The Crane Asked For A Reward.

The Wolf Laughed At The Crane And Said: “I Have Already Awarded You, Without Biting Your Head. Get Out Of Here Or I Will Kill You. “The Crane Was Very Disappointed And Ran Away To Save His Life.

The Wolf And The Crane Summary

You Should Only Help Those Who Deserve It.

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