The Clever Wife

The Clever Wife Story

Once upon a time, there was a Woman whose Husband had a bad habit. The man drank a lot every day. Because of this, he lost his normal senses most of the time.

The woman tried many times to help him get rid of this habit. But all her efforts were in vain!

Every night someone else had to bring him home. One night, when he was brought home, the Woman ordered him to be carried to the nearest grave.

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She thought that she could teach him a good lesson by scaring him, and then he would give up his bad habit.

Then she put on a dark dress. She had a mask on her face. She waited for him to wake up.

When the Woman saw that her Husband was recovering, she moved towards him with a serious face.

Then she gave him something to eat and said loudly, “Get up and eat, my job is to bring food for the dead.”

The husband was very scared. He immediately ran home. From that day on, he gave up his bad habit.

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The Clever Wife Moral

We must give up our bad habits.

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