Stones Pebbles And Sand

Stones Pebbles And Sand Story

Once A Professor Entered The Classroom With A Glass Jar, Stones, Pebbles, And Sand. The Students Were Surprised To See What He Was Up To. First He Started Filling The Jar With Stones Until He Could Add More.

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He Asked The Students If The Jar Was Full And Everyone Nodded. Then He Began To Place The Pebbles Inside The Jug, Which Went Inside Through Small Gaps, And Shook The Jar So That The Pebbles Fell Into The Empty Space Between The Stones.

He Asked The Same Question To The Students And They Again Said The Jug Was Full. Finally, He Poured Sand Into The Inside Of The Can, Which Went Through Tiny Gaps And Filled The Can.

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The Professor Explained That This Is How You Should Prioritize Your Life. Rock Is Your Family, Pebbles Are Your Career, And Sand Is The Minimum Of Life Priorities, Unnecessary Fights, And Ego.

If You Put Sand In The Jar First, It Will Fill Up Easily, Leaving No Room For Stones And Pebbles.

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Stones Pebbles And Sand Story Moral

You Must Define Your Life Priorities And Develop A Good Work Strategy To Achieve Them, And Not Waste Time And Energy On Unnecessary Aspects Of Life.