Nobody Believes A Liar

Nobody Believes A Liar Story

Once a mischievous boy lived in a village at the foot of a hill. One day he thought about how to have fun at the expense of his fellow villagers. Standing on a high rock, he shouted at the top of his voice: “Lion! A lion! Come save me. “The villagers heard the cry and ran to help him. But when they approached him, they did not see the lion, and the boy was all right. The boy laughed at the villagers who said, “No, lion, I did it just for fun.”

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The villagers got very angry and returned with anger. A few days later, the boy repeated the whole act. Again the villagers came to his aid, but again they were deceived. Now they decided that he was no longer deceiving them. Unfortunately, one day Leo actually came there. Now the boy shouted, “Lion! A lion! As loud as possible. ” But no one came to his aid. The lion attacked the boy. The boy struggled to escape, but after a few minutes, the beast killed him.

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Nobody Believes A Liar Moral

Once a Liar, Always a Liar.