The King And The Beggar

The King And The Beggar Story

Once Upon A Time, The Country Was Ruled By A King Who Did Not Have A Son Who Could Inherit The Throne. As The King Grows Old, He Wanted To Choose A Suitable Successor To Rule The Country. The King Sent Out Announcements All Over The Country. The Ad Invited Every Qualified Young Man In The Country To Interview The King. The Outcome Of The Interview Will Determines A Possible Successor To The Throne.

The Only Quality Of The Candidate Was That He Loved His Comrades Immensely. Every Young Man Across The Country Was Very Excited About The Opportunity To Become The Ruler Of The Country. A Poor Young Man From A Distant Village Also Read The Ad And Began To Prepare To Speak With The King. He Was A Kind And Hardworking Person, But Due To Various Circumstances He Was Very Poor.

This Man Did Not Have Good Clothes To Be Presentable In The Eyes Of The King. The Young Man Worked Very Hard And Saved Up Some Money To Buy Suitable Clothes And Accessories To Support Him On His Long Journey To The Palace. Having Received Supplies And Suitable Clothing For The Interview, The Young Man Went In Search.

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He Traveled For Many Days And Almost Completed The Journey. When He Bumped Into A Poor Beggar On The Side Of The Road, The Poor Beggar Said He Was Shivering From The Cold, Covered In Rags. The Beggar Stretched Out His Hands And Begged For Help. His Weak Voice Croaked: “I’m Hungry And Cold, Please Help Me, Sir.”

The Young Man Was So Moved By The Pitiful State Of The Beggar That He Immediately Took Off His New Clothes And Handed It To Him. He Also Provided Him With Very Meager Food, Which He Took With Him On The Journey. The Beggar Thanked The Man A Thousand Times, But Since He Gave His Good Clothes To The Beggar, He Did Not Dare To Go For An Interview.

However, He Plucked Up Courage And Entered The Palace In His Dirty Old Clothes. Upon Arrival At The Palace, The King’s Servant Showed Him The Way To The Great Hall. After A Short Rest To Get Rid Of The Fatigue On The Way. The Man Was Allowed Into The Throne Room For An Interview.

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The Young Man Bowed Deeply As The King Entered The Room. When He Looked Up, He Gasped In Surprise When He Noticed That The King Was Very Much Like The Beggar He Met On The Way. The King Saw The Shock In The Eyes Of This Man And Said, “Yes, I Was The Beggar You Met On Your Way.”

But Why Did You Disguise Yourself As A Beggar, You Are A King! Why Did You Do This To Me. The Young Man Stumbled When He Calmed Down A Little. “Because I Had To Be Sure That You Have A Good Heart And That You Truly Love Your Fellow Men.” Said The King. I Knew That If I Came To You As King, You Would Do Anything To Impress Me, But That Way I Would Never Know What Was Really In Your Heart.

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Generosity And Love For Those In Need, Without Expecting Anything In Return, Is A Sign Of A Great Heart. By Looking At Your Love And Generosity To The Beggar, You Prove That You Truly Love Your Fellow Men. This Country Needs A Leader Who Will Work For The Good Of The Entire Nation, Not Just One Who Will Do Everything To Take The Throne. “You Have Proved That You Are My Successor,” The King Promised.

The King And The Beggar Moral

In Life, Kindness Is More Important Than Wisdom, And The Recognition Of This Is The Beginning Of Wisdom. A Heart Filled With Compassion And Love For One’s Neighbor Is The Greatest Gift We Can Give To The World. The King In This Country Today Could Be Rich And Charming, Could Have Power And All The Power.

But This Kingdom Is Worth Nothing Compared To The Rich Heart Of A Young Man. The Young Man’s Kindness And Compassion For The Beggar Made Him The King Of All The People. We, As Humans, Should Help Other Neighbors In Need Without Expecting Anything In Return.