Boy And The Wolf

Boy And The Wolf Story

One Day The Boy Got Bored Watching The Village Sheep Graze On The Hillside. To Amuse Himself, He Sang: “Wolf ! Wolf ! The Wolf Is Chasing The Sheep ! “

Hearing The Scream, The Villagers Ran Up The Hill To Chase The Wolf Away. But When They Arrived, They Did Not See The Wolf. The Boy Was Surprised To See Their Angry Faces.

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“Don’t Cry Like A Wolf, Boy,” The Villagers Warned, “when There Is No Wolf!” They Walked Down The Hill In Anger.

Later, The Shepherd Boy Shouted Again: “Wolf ! Wolf ! The Wolf Is Chasing The Sheep! To His Amusement, He Watched The Villagers Come Running To The Hill To Scare The Wolf Away.

Seeing That There Was No Wolf, They Sternly Said: “Save Your Frightened Cry When There Really Is A Wolf ! Don’t Cry “wolf” When There Is No Wolf! But The Boy Grinned At Them As They Walked Down The Hill Again.

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Later, The Boy Saw A Real Wolf Sneaking Around His Pack. Alarmed, He Jumped To His Feet And Shouted As Loudly As Possible: “Wolf ! Wolf ! “But The Villagers Thought That He Was Deceiving Them Again, And Therefore Did Not Come To The Rescue.

At Sunset, The Villagers Went To Look For The Boy, Who Did Not Return With His Sheep. When They Went Up The Hill, They Found Him Crying.

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“There Really Was A Wolf ! The Flock Is Gone! I Shouted: “Wolf !”, And You Did Not Come, “he Complained.

The Old Man Went To Console The Boy. Embracing Him, He Said: “Nobody Believes A Liar, Even If He Speaks The Truth!”

Boy And The Wolf Moral

Lying Undermines Trust – Even If You Are Telling The Truth, No One Believes A Liar.