The Cunning Jackal

The Cunning Jackal Story

Chatur, the jackal, lived in the jungle. He hunted for food every day with his friends. One day he thought to himself, “I work hard every day to catch animals for food. Then every evening I have to share it with the other members of the pack. If I go across the river to the village, I can get myself juicy fruits and fat chickens. I can eat them in the village and return to the jungle. That way I won’t have to share my food.”

The next morning, Chatur woke up early and went across the river. He entered the sleepy village when the rooster crowed. When he wandered near the poultry farm, he saw a fat chicken. At the thought of taking a bite out of the juicy chicken meat, his mouth immediately began to salivate.

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He was so absorbed in his thoughts that he did not notice the street dogs that had gathered at the end of the alley. Street dogs noticed the presence of a stranger and with barks and growls rushed at Chatur.

Chatur turned around and saw ferocious street dogs barking at him. He ran to save his life. He ran into the house with the door open. Because it was the dyer’s house, he fell into a bath of blue paint. He immediately left the house and returned to the jungle.

When he reached the jungle, all the animals looked at Chatur in horror and wonder. Chatur then saw his reflection in a nearby pond. Realizing that it was dyed blue, he came up with a plan. He called out, “Citizens of the jungle, I am the Indigo King, sent by the Lord to rule over you and look after your well-being. I have been appointed king and caretaker of the jungle. Bow down to me and serve me well, and I will protect you from all evil.”

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The animals did not know why he was of a strange appearance and color. Chatur now had tigers, lions, elephants, deer, hares, and leopards at his disposal. However, he banished his fellow jackals to the far end of the jungle.

Chatur enjoyed his role as king, and animals stronger than him served him, hunting for his food and obeying him.

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One night, Chatur heard the call of his jackal brothers. They howled at the full moon. Chatur tried to ignore the call, but then he could no longer resist. Soon he howled. The tiger, who stood guard at the Chatura cave, heard the call and realized that the Indigo King was none other than the jackal of their jungle.

He gathered all the other animals together and said. Listen, my friends, listen to the cunning jackal howl. He is an ordinary swindler and not a king at all. Drive him out and drive him out of the jungle as he drove his brethren…”

Then all the animals beat Chatur, who ran to save his life. He soon realized that he was being paid for mistreating his friends.

The Cunning Jackal Moral

Take care of your friends, otherwise, you will die.