Pinocchio And The Good Fairy

Pinocchio And The Good Fairy Story For Kids, Pinocchio And The Good Fairy Story For Kids In English.

Pinocchio And The Good Fairy Story

Once there lived an old carpenter named Geppetto. He had no family and was quite lonely. As he was quite poor, he found leftover logs and made something new out of them. One night he found a large log of wood and took it home. All night Geppetto worked on the log and carved a young boy into it. By the time he was done, it was morning. “Oh my! What a beautiful boy I made. I wish he had a heart! Then he could be my son and I would call him Pinocchio,” thought Geppetto. A good fairy who knew Geppetto was a man very nice heard him and suddenly the wooden boy spoke. Geppetto was surprised but delighted. He hugged Pinocchio in his arms and told him that from that day he was Geppetto’s son. Geppetto arranged for Pinocchio to go to school. To buy him his book, he sold off his beloved scissors. “Now you can go to school like a real boy!” Geppetto said to his son.

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One morning, as Pinocchio went to school At school, the evil puppeteer stopped him. The puppeteer wanted to possess Pinocchio so he could use him to earn a lot of money. “Hello, Pinocchio! Do you want to go to Fun Island? It’s a wonderful, magical place where you can become a real boy,” he asked. Pinocchio was overjoyed to go to Fun Island. He quickly started walking with the puppet master. The good fairy who watched over Pinocchio suddenly appeared. Seeing her, the evil puppeteer flees, leaving Pinocchio alone. “Where are you going Pinocchio?” asked the good fairy. “At school, fairy godmother,” Pinocchio replied. Just as Pinocchio told the lie, his wooden nose grew longer. “It’s not the way to school, Pinocchio”, said the good fairy. Fearing that he had been caught, the boy decided to lie again and said, “It’s a new road!” With the second lie, Pinocchio’s nose grew even longer.

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Now he was very sad and started crying. “I’m sorry! I won’t go to Fun Island. thanked her and rushed to school. Once he arrived at school, he told all his friends about Fun Island. All his friends decided to go and see this magical place. What they did not know was that is that the magic in Fun Land was bad. He turned the little boys into donkeys! “Oh no! We are in trouble. Everyone run away from here,” Pinocchio ordered. As the boys searched for a way out of the island, Pinocchio saw Geppetto swimming towards the island. He had been looking for Pinocchio all day! But much to Pinocchio’s horror, before Geppetto could reach him, a whale swallowed him.

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To save his father, Pinocchio also jumped overboard and went straight into the whale’s stomach. There he saw Geppetto and hugged him. They decided to tickle the whale from inside until it expelled them. Soon the whale sneezed and threw them both out. Also read Pinocchio and the talking cricket. Pinocchio helped his father and all his friends to return to the village. The good fairy had been watching him all this time. “Pinocchio, I saw what a good boy you were! Jump into the sea to save your father like that! So, I give you a heart and I make you a real boy,” said the good fairy. Pinocchio and Gepetto were overjoyed. They hugged and thanked the fairy because Pinocchio really turned into a boy.