Lesson To Remember

Lesson To Remember Story

Once A Father And His Son Were Sitting In Their Garden, And A Father, Who Worked Long Hours To Provide For His Family, And Therefore Almost Never Had The Opportunity To Spend Time With Him, Asked His Son How He Was Doing And if Everything Was Fine Since He Was Not Looked In Good Spirits.

Life Is Just Not Fair, ” The Teenager Blurted Out And Began Listing A Cascade Of Bad Things That Happened To Him At School, And Beyond That There Was Only One Problem After Another, His Bitter Conclusion, His Father Who Worked As A Cook At School.

A Big Italian Restaurant Next To The School, His Boy Asked Him To Stop By The Day After Tomorrow Before Going Home By The Time You Graduate School Tomorrow And Lunch Are Over, And I Have Time To Show You What He Said But Let’s Enjoy This Beautiful Day Today.

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The Day After School, The Young Guy Went Straight To His Father’s Work, And When He Asked The Waiter For His Father, He Was Told That He Was Waiting For Him In The Kitchen And That He Should Just Go Inside.

So He Did, And Found His Father In Front Of The Stove, On Which He Had Three Boiling Water Pots, The Man Greeted His Son With A Big Smile And Began To Put Carrots, An Egg And Several Coffee Beans In Three Different Pots,

While The Confused Child Tried To Come Up With Some Recipe That Made Sense, They Chatted For About 10 Minutes, Then The Cook Turned Off The Stove And Grabbed His Son By The Shoulder, Pulling Out The Carrots, Egg And Putting Them On A Plate.

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Tell Me What Are The Carrots And The Egg After He Was In Boiling Water, He Asked His Son, The Carrots Are Soft And The Egg Looks The Same, But If You Crush His Shell.

You, Will, See The Boy Replied When His Father Poured Water Containing Coffee Beans Into A Cup And Handed It To Him And It Was Like The Coffee Boy Didn’t Know What To Say When The Smile Reappeared On His Father’s Face As He Spoke.

Carrots, Egg, And Coffee, All Three Had To Deal With The Same Boiling Water. Previously, Carrots Were Hard And Tough, But Now They Are Soft And Can Be Rubbed With A Fork.

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But Although At First You Didn’t Notice Any Difference, The Boiling Water Inside Solidified And Coffee Beans Did Not Replace Coffee Beans, And Coffee Beans Replaced Water And Made It Into Something Special That We Italians Are So Proud Of.

Lesson To Remember Story Moral

In Life You Will Also Face Difficult Situations And Difficult Environments Like Everyone Else, The Trick Is Not To Let These Situations Or Life.

In General, Make You Soft Or Overly Harsh, Instead, Be Like Coffee Beans If It Happens In Your Life Something Hard, You’ll Make A Difference, Make It Enjoyable, Do Something Worthwhile.

So Remember This Story About Father, Son, And Coffee Beans And Maybe It Will Help You Live A Better Life.