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Once Upon A Time, There Was A Shepherd Lived In A Far Away Land.

One Night An Old Man Came To Him In A Dream And Told Him About A Treasure In An Abandoned House In A Distant City.

Waking Up In The Morning, The Shepherd Ignored The Dream And Continued His Daily Activities.

But On The Next Two Nights, The Old Man Visited Him Again And Again.

The Boy Became Curious And Decided To Go On A Trip. His Friends And Family Warned Him Against This Decision. In The End, The Journey Was Long And Forced Him To Sell All Of His Possessions Except His House.

Shepherd Ignored These People And Went On The Journey.

Once In The New City, He Easily Found An Abandoned Estate, Which The Old Man Showed Him In A Dream.

Shepherd Searched Every Corner Of The House In Search Of Treasures. But He Did Not Find Any Hidden Treasures.

After Many Days Of Searching, He Gave Up And Sat In The House, Crying. A Passer-by Heard Him Cry And Asked His Problem. The Shepherd Told Him About His Dream, Journey And Disappointment.

Hearing This, The Passer-by Laughed At The Shepherd And Told Him That He Was A Fool, Having Covered Such A Long Distance Only Because Of His Dreams.

He Then Told The Shepherd That In The Past He Had Had Similar Dreams About A Hidden Treasure In A Far Away Land, But He Never Paid Attention To These Visions.

Upon Inquiry, A Passer-by Told About The Building Where He Saw The Treasure In A Dream.

Having Learned From A Passerby About The Whereabouts Of The Treasure, The Shepherd Happily Returned To His Hometown. Why Not? Finally, A Passerby Pointed To The Same House As His.

Moral Of The Story

You Need To Have Faith & Believe In Your Dream, Irrespective Of What Others Saying You.

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