The Two Lizards

The Two Lizards Story

On a warm winter morning, two Lizards sat on the high wall of an old mill. They enjoyed the bright sun. One Lizard dreamed all the time and was unhappy. The other was older and wiser.

“How miserable our situation is!” cried the Poor Lizard. “No one notices us. We are small and have such a boring life. Look at other large animals. They are so royal and majestic!”

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The unfortunate Lizard sighed, “I wish I had been born a deer. To be fast and have big, big horns! And live proudly in the royal forest.”

At that moment, a pack of dogs ran past, chasing a deer. The deer was tired, and hungry dogs attacked him.

The lizards watched in horror.

The wise Lizard said to his complaining friend: “You wanted to be in the place of this poor deer!”
“You must learn from what you have just seen. You are not beautifully colored and fast on your feet.

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But you are alive! Fate is favorable to you. You are small and protected from danger, unlike big animals!”

The Two Lizards Story Moral

Be happy with what you are.

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