The Maid

The Maid Story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and proud lady. One day she decided to find a husband for herself. She thought, “A man who wants to marry me should be young, polite, calm, and supportive.” He must also have the position, wealth, and wit to match my graceful personality.”

It was hard to find so many qualities in one person. However, offers from capable suitors poured in. The proud lady did not find anyone suitable for herself. One had a too short or too long nose! The other one was too boring or stupid! She scoffed: “What suitors! Poor souls! I feel sorry for them.” She rejected every man she met.

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She tried to console herself: “I will not regret not marrying any of these unworthy men. I am pleased that I am considered one of the most beautiful women in history!” As time went. The beauty of the lady has faded.

She has lost the grace she once had. She realized her stupidity and wanted to get married as soon as possible. But, now no one offered her to marry. She was so terrified at the thought of living alone that she ended up marrying an invalid.

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The Maid Story Moral

Judging people by their appearance is wrong. Appearance does not stay forever.

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