The Monkeys And A Bell

The Monkeys And A Bell Story

Once upon a time, there was a thief in the kingdom. One day he stole a church bell and ran into the woods.

Soon the tiger saw the thief, attacked him, and killed him. The bell fell to the ground.

Several monkeys found a bell and began to play with it. When people found the thief’s body, they
I thought, “The monster must have killed him and then rang the bell?” He’s going to kill us all now!”

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They got scared and started to leave the Kingdom.

One day a brave and intelligent woman was walking through the forest and saw monkeys playing with

She had a plan and she said to the king, “Your Majesty! The monster can be defeated. But it will cost money.”

The king agreed to pay her a large sum of money as he was concerned about the safety of his people.

Then the woman gathered a lot of fruit and pretended to pray. She later kept them under a tree in
Forest, and waited, nearby.

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When the monkeys saw the fruit, they threw down the bell and rushed down.

She quickly took the call and ran back to the city.

The Monkeys And A Bell Story Moral

Intelligence and courage will bring success.

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