The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling Story

Our Story Starts From A Farm Where A Mother Duck Laying Her Eggs. After Some Days, All The Duckling Hatched Out From The Eggs. Mother Duck Notices That Among All The Ducklings There Is One Duckling That Is Different From Others, Which Is Quite Large And Looks Ugly. The Duck Doesn’t Look Like His Brother And Sisters.

The Other Ducks Of The Farm Started To Bully And Make Fun Of The Ugly Duckling After Some Days Things Started Become Worse For The Ugly Duckling. Now The Ugly Duckling Started To Hide From Others, Even His Brothers And Sisters Were Rude To Him.

The Mother Duck Feel Very Sad By Seeing Everything. The Other Ducks Are Treated Him Badly So One Day The Ugly Duckling Flew Over The Farmyard And Go Away From There He Found A Large Moorland & Decided To Spend The Night There. On The Next Morning, The Ugly Duckling Woke Up And Saw A Flock Of Wild Ducks.

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The Ugly Duckling Decided To Stayed There For Few Days. Now No One Bullied Him Or Hurt Him Because Of His Looks But He Felt Lonely There. One Morning, Some Bird Hunter Came There Is Started To Hunt The Birds. The Ugly Duckling Heard The Noise And He Finally Escaped From The Moor As Fast As Possible, He Could.

Now The Duckling Land Over A Cottage Which Belongs To An Old Lady. The Lady Was So Kind So She Gives The Ugly Duckling Shelter There With Her Other Small Pets. Now The Ugly Duckling Is Left With An Old Woman In Her Cottage.

But Here Also, The Other Pets Made His Life So Miserable That The Ugly Duckling Continued To Be Lonely Again. He Always Looked At The Small Pond Outside The Cottage. The Ugly Duckling Felt Very Sad, Wondering What To Do.

One Night, The Duckling Quietly Crept Out Of The Cottage, Leave The Place & Went In Search For A New Home For Him. Soon The Duckling Found A Beautiful Lake Where The Duckling Could Swim And Dive Freely But Here Too The Other Animals Did Not Want To Be Friend With The Ugly Duckling. His Life Continued In The Miserable Way Soon, The Season Changed. From Autumn To Winter Followed.

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Finally, It Was The Spring Season Now. The Plants Around The Lake Started To Sprouting. Because Of This, The Duckling Was So Happy. It Was Becoming Warm Again. Suddenly, Ugly Duckling Again Saw The Same Beautiful Birds That He Had Seen At The Start Of Spring Last Time, By Seeing Them He Quickly Ran And Hid Behind A Bush.

Ugly Duckling Went To A Quiet Spot Of The Lake Where Nobody Could See Him. He Was Again Feel Very Sad, And Big Fat Tears Rolled Down His Face.

Suddenly, The Duckling Saw His Own Reflection In The Lake, And He Couldn’t Believe His Eyes. He Staring At Him In The Clear Water His Own Reflection Now No Longer A Dark, Grey Bird, Ugly And Repulsive To Look. Instead, He Had Now Turned Into A Graceful And Beautiful Swan.

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The Ugly Duckling Had Transformed Into A Beautiful Swan Or You Can Say That To His True Form. All The Other Swans Came To Greet The Newcomer There. Finally, The Ugly Little Thing Was Accepted And Loved By His New Friends, To Whom He Belongs.

A Family With Two Children Came To See The Swans. Swan Did Not Know How To Respond To Such Praise. He Was Shy And Tried To Hide His Face. After He Was Bullied, He Could Not Believe That He Was Appreciated And Accepted, But In Fact, He Was Called Beautiful.

The Ugly Duckling Story Moral

People Always Affried Of The Things Which Are Different From Them Or The Things They Don’t Understand But You Are Always Accepted By Them Who Are Alike You, Or The People Who Understand You.

Last But Not Least Never Ever Judge Someone By His Look. They Always Not Like What They Seem To Be So Be Careful Before You Judge Someone.

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