The Hermit And The Bear

The Hermit And The Bear Story

There lived an old hermit in the forest. One day a bear came up to him and said: “Hermit, please take the thorn out of my paw! It’s too painful for me!”

The good hermit readily agreed and snatched the thorn from the bear’s paw.

The bear was so grateful that he offered to work as a servant for the hermit.

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The hermit took the bear as a companion. They sat together in the same cell, ate together, and worked together. One very hot day the hermit lay down to sleep on a mat. Faithful Bear sat down next to the hermit, pushing all the files away from his face.

But there was one mischievous person who sat on the nose of the hermit. The bear said to himself: “Now I will definitely grab you.” Having said this, the bear hit the hermit on the nose with the intention of killing the fly. But by mistake, He Bruised the Face of the Hermit.

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The hermit woke up terrified. Then he drove the bear away in anger.

The Hermit And The Bear Story Moral

A stupid friend can do more harm than an enemy.

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