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The Farmer And The Baker

Once Upon A Time Somewhere In A Village, There Was A Farmer Live. The Farmer Every Day Went To The Nearby Town For His Business. However, He Had A Daily Customer Who Was A Baker From Whom He Sold 1 Kg Of Butter, And Also The Farmer Buy 1 Kg Of Bread Loaf From The Backer. Soon They Both Became Friends.

On Passing Time One Day, The Baker Suspected That The Farmer Cheats Him And Don’t Give Exactly 1 Kg Of Butter. So He Decided To Check The Weight Of The Butter Given By The Farmer.

The Backer Measures The Weight Of The Butter And Find Out That The Farmer Cheats Him & Didn’t Give Him The Right Amount Of Butter.

This Makes Him Angry & So The Backer Decides To Take This Matter To The Court. Now Both The Backer And Farmer Are On The Court.

When Did The Judge Ask The Farmer About This The Farmer And What Measure He Uses To Weight The Butter ? The Farmer Replied – My Lord I Don T Have Any Special Measure To Weight The Butter. Long Ago We Both Start To Sell Commodities To Each Other.

Every Day The Backer Buys 1 Kg Of Butter From Me And I Buy 1 Kg Of Bread Loaf From Him. As I Have Nothing To Measure The Weight I Put The Bread Loaf On One Side Of The Balance Scale And Measures The Weight Of The Butter And Give It To The Backer. If Anyone Cheats Here Is The Baker & He Is The One Who Needs To Blame For This.

Finally, The Baker Learned His Lesson & Feel Shame For His Did.

Moral Of The Story

Friends This Is How Karma Works If You Cheat Someone It Will Surely Come Back To You In An Unexpected Way. However, If You Are Being Dishonest And Disloyal Don’t Be Surprised If The Same Will Happen To You. Situations Can Turn Around Anytime. 

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