Story Of The Raven

Story Of The Raven Story

Our Story Begins In The Forest, Where The Raven Happily Lived And Enjoyed His Life, But One Day He Saw A Beautiful Swan On A Nearby River, He Thought That He Was So… White, And I Am Black, It Must Be The Happiest Bird In The World.

So, He Flew To The Swan And Expressed His Feelings, To Which The Swan Replied: “I Felt Like The Happiest Bird Until I Saw A Two-colored Parrot. Now I Believe That The Parrot Is The Happiest Bird In The World. “

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So The Raven Flew Up To The Parrot. The Parrot Explained Everything To Him. After I Heard The Crow Say, “I Lived A Completely Happy Life Until I Saw A Peacock. I Only Have Two Colors, And The Peacock Has Dozens Of Colors. If You Ask Me, I Think The Peacock Is The Happiest Bird In The World. “

Hearing That Now The Raven Flies In Search Of A Peacock, But Cannot Find Anyone, Except For One Day When He Flew Over The Zoo, He Saw A Peacock In His Cage. Therefore, He Immediately Flew In And Saw That Hundreds Of People Had Gathered To See Him.

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After The People Left, The Raven Approached The Peacock And Said To Him: “Dear Peacock, You Are Very Beautiful. Every Day Thousands Of People Come To Look At You, And When People See Me, They Immediately Chase Me Away.

I Think You Are The Happiest Bird On The Planet, But Because Of My Beauty, I Was Caught And Locked Up In This Zoo. I Examined The Zoo Very Carefully And Realized That You, The Raven, Are The Only Bird That Is Not Kept In A Cage. For The Past Few Days, I’ve Thought That If I Were A Raven, I Would Happily Roam All Over The Place, Just Like You.”

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Story Of The Raven Story Moral

Like The Crow, We Make Unnecessary Comparisons With Others And Are Sad, So We Don’t Appreciate What God Has Given Us And What Leads To A Vicious Cycle Of Unhappiness.

Instead Of Comparing Yourself To Others, You Must Learn To Enjoy What You Have And Not Look At What You Don’t Have. There Will Always Be Someone Who Has More Or Less Than Yours.

The Person Who Is Content With What He Has Is The Happiest Person In The World And Always Remembers That It Doesn’t Matter If All The Beauty You Have In This World, But If That Beauty Keeps You Trapped, He Is Not You. Happy.