The Spaniel And The Mastiff

The Spaniel And The Mastiff Story

Once a good-natured spaniel and a grumpy mastiff were walking along the same road.

The spaniel, although a complete stranger to the Mastiff, approached him very politely and asked, “May I go with you on this journey?”

The Mastiff replied: “I have no problem, you can come with me.”

Both dogs began to walk together, chatting with each other.

Mastiffs are huge and naturally protective, but very ferocious dogs.

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Soon the two reached a nearby village. Mastiff began to show his nasty nature.

He growled at everyone he met for no reason. He started jumping and grabbing them.

Irritated residents fled with large sticks. They wanted to protect their dogs. They then beat both dogs mercilessly.

The poor spaniel was not spared either. He was severely beaten just because he was found in the company of a nasty mastiff.

The spaniel said, “Alas, I have never been beaten like this before. Now I know that quick friendships with strangers can be bad. Good or bad fate depends on what kind of friends you make!”

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The Spaniel And The Mastiff Moral

Avoid bad company, as it brings to ruin.

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